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Monica Elliott


Certified Birth Doula CD(DONA)

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I am not currently practicing as a doula; I have chosen to focus on my practice as a Naturopath and Biblical Counselor. However, I can provide Biblically based counseling surrounding birth and or birth trauma/anxiety. As well as personal childbirth classes that are Biblically based and trauma sensitive. Please let me know if I can answer any questions. If you are in need of a qualified doula, I have some great local recommendations through the Palouse Doula Collective.

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Hello, I am a mother of four children and two grandchildren. My family grew up here in the Northwest. In 2016, I witnessed the birth of my sister's third child. She had an amazing doula, who invited me into the birth, as she cared for my sister. I was hooked and began to develop my skills and passion as a birth doula. I received my training through Bastyr University, and certified with DONA in 2018. I look forward to serving in my community as a Doula, Midwife Assistant and Naturopath, I get to spend quality time getting to know you and how I can best serve you. All of the knowledge, insights and wisdom learned from working with clients of different backgrounds and abroad has strengthened my abilities and skills as a doula. 

It is my passion to make all women feel safe and secure during the birth of their child.  Birthing can be a very vulnerable experience as well as empowering.  I am very comfortable being in that space and honoring you in those moments.

My calm, reassuring and intuitive presence creates a safe, loving and nurturing space for moms and their partners to connect and enjoy the birth of their new baby.

Creating that safe and beautiful space for your birth. 

It is an honor to walk beside you through this journey.

My Journey as a Birth Doula
200+ Births!


Newborn Baby
My Philosophy
  • Birth is a normal process, not a pathological ‘problem’ to be solved

  • You have the right to be an active participant in your own birth experience; that means being allowed to make informed choices about your practitioners, your birth setting, interventions (or lack thereof), attendees, etc.

  • Partners are as emotionally invested in their children’s births as laboring women are. They too need support in order to minimize anxiety and feel involved/engaged with the birth process to the extent that they and their partners wish. Equipping partners with tangible skills is important.

  • Having a doula is the best way to ensure a satisfying birth experience, that is, one in which the laboring woman feels respected, in control and supported

  • I can and will help and empower you to self-advocate before and during your labor and birth.

  • I believe in evidence-based practice

  • My #1 goal is your confidence, comfort and safety – I recognize that your birth is not my birth and that your choices may be different from my own. My pledge to each of my clients is that I will always respect your choices and support you 100% in making them. I will never judge you or make you doubt your instincts. I know that you are strong.

My Training

Simkin Childbirth Education 2016

Bastyr University 

Certified Lactation Educator 2016

Evergreen Perinatal, Kirkland WA

"SPINNING BABIES"  Trained 2017

Spinning Babies / Refresher 2020

DONA Certified Birth Doula 2018

DONA International / Recertified 2021 / Cert. # 12847

Midwife Assistant 2018

Northwest Midwifery / Puget Sound Birth Center

"When Survivors Give Birth" 2020

Selena ShelleyBastyr University

Certified BLS / CPR 2022


NRP Certified -  Neonatal Resuscitation Program

American Academy of Pediatrics / 2020

Childbirth Educator / Lamaze trained

Lamaze International / 2020

Certified Postpartum and Infant Care Doula 2020


BCN - Board Certified Naturopath

 AANWP Board Certification 2023

Trinity School of Natural Health / 2021

CNHP - Licensed Ecclesiastical Holistic Practitioner, License #LEHP863

Guardian Ecclesiastical Holistic Association / 2022

CHHP - Board Certified Holistic Health Professional

Trinity School of Natural Health / Graduated 2023

 AANWP Board Certification 2023


Women Becoming Whole / 2022

ABC - Association of Biblical Counselors / Member 2022


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Member 2022


Member 2022


Birth Assistants

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Member 2018


Member 2022

Lamaze_International (1).png

Lamaze Trained

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